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Ashtree Farm, Teston Road, West Malling, Kent, ME19 5RL

At The Wright Event we have been organising corporate events, team building activities and driver training for over 20 years. Operating from our own venue, Ashtree Farm in the beautiful Kent countryside, you will find one of the best outdoor events venues, combined with the best off-road driving centre in the South East, with over 200 acres of orchards, woodland and open fields. If Ashtree Farm is not suitable for your corporate event we have numerous venue partners, including landmark properties such as Hever Castle and Penshurst Place, as well as many country house hotels where we also operate from.

In addition to our corporate days we also run activity days for individuals and groups, including Quad Biking Safaris, 4x4 Off Road Driving, Apache Rally Cars, Sporting Trials, and Junior Driving Days.  These activities all operate from our own venue, Ashtree Farm, and run almost every Saturday throughout the year.

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Apache Rally Driving at The Wright Event

  • Full safety briefing on training and safety equipment
  • Demonstration to show you how to handle the Apache
  • Take the wheel of this incredibly exciting car
  • Try and master the skill of drifting

Price: £85

This is arguably one of the most exciting driving experiences you can get! The Apache rally car has been designed to allow you to drive very fast whilst drifting sideways in complete safety. After a safety briefing you will be given a couple of demonstration laps by a professional instructor, just to show you how it's done. Then it's your turn to take the wheel to see if you can tame the Apache Rally car. Drifting in style is a skill that is incredibly rewarding, and it looks great too. With an instructor sitting beside you it is something you have every chance of mastering. Whilst being a very powerful piece of kit, the Apache is incredibly easy to drive and is easily adapted to dual control, therefore enabling non-drivers to have a go.

Apache Rally, Quad and 4x4 Driving at The Wright Event

  • Experience three incredible vehicles in one high-octane session
  • Drive the lightning quick Apache rally car
  • Go trekking on an incredibly fun quad bike
  • Master the art of 4x4 driving on a challenging course

Price: £149

Experience three very different but equally exciting drives in one fantastic session. The Apache rally car is one of the most exhilarating driving experiences around - allowing a very fast drive whilst drifting sideways in complete safety, it's like nothing you've ever driven before. Next up is the muddy brilliant New Force 150cc quad bike. After mastering the basics on a coned level track, venture out through 200 acres of woods, orchards and fields with your instructor. Finally take the wheel of a Land Rover 4x4 and tackle a challenging off road course of impossibly steep hills, water ditches and deep gullies. With one adrenaline-fuelled hour on each activity, this experience is sure to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Junior Multi Off Road Driving at The Wright Event

  • Muddy fun for any junior driving fanatic!
  • Expert tuition in a Land Rover on a challenging off road course
  • Drive a six-wheeled amphibious vehicle and a reverse steer 4x4
  • Go trekking on a quad bike or take a spin in an Apache

Price: £120

Now youngsters can also experience the thrills and spills of off road driving with this adrenaline-fuelled session in Kent. Begin with a driving lesson in a dual-controlled car in the safety of a large field. Next, take control of a Land Rover and put your newfound skills to the test on a challenging off road course which includes steep slopes, water ditches and deep gullies. After a break for lunch, drive a crazy six-wheeled, semi-amphibious, skid-steer vehicle before trying to master the reverse steer Land Rover. Depending on the weather, finish by either venturing out on an action-packed quad bike safari or driving the rapid Apache rally car. This thrilling experience is essential for any budding junior off road driving fanatic!

Quad Biking and Apache Rally Driving at The Wright Event

  • Enjoy two top driving thrills in one high-octance session
  • No experience required - professional training provided!
  • Go quad biking on 200 acres of exciting off road terrain
  • Drive a powerful Apache rally car on a purpose-built course

Price: £110

Try two of the UK's most exciting motorsports in one high-octane session, with this double whammy driving experience in Kent. Kick things off with a briefing and tuition before each activity from a seasoned instructor - then get ready for some serious motoring action! Start with quad biking and after a fun-packed obstacle course on a New Force 150cc quad, set out on an action-packed journey through 200 acres of woods, orchards and fields. Next up, it's time to experience one of the most exciting driving thrills around with a drive in an Apache rally car. Start in the passenger seat with a demo lap, then hop behind the wheel and take the mighty Apache for a spin, trying out some exciting drifting techniques along the way. Breathtaking!

Sporting Trials Driving Experience at The Wright Event

  • Master the amazing art of sporting trials driving in Kent
  • No experience required - professional training provided
  • Negotiate a trials car up steep, rugged and muddy terrain
  • One of the oldest, and most challenging UK motorsports

Price: £85

As one of the UK's oldest and most challenging recognised motorsports, sporting trials is a must try for any hardened motoring fanatic. Also known as mud plugging, this adrenaline-fuelled event takes place in a custom open top trials car and involves getting it as far as possible up a steep woodland slope, using nothing but skill, grit and courage. Kick things off with a full briefing and few words of wisdom from a seasoned instructor, then get kitted up for some serious sporting trials motoring action! Head into the woods with the instructor and negotiate your vehicle up a steep and muddy slope, putting those newfound mud plugging skills into action while tackling tight turns and rugged terrain. Are you up for the challenge?

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The Wright Event
Ashtree Farm, Teston Road, West Malling, Kent, ME19 5RL

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