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Down Ampney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5QF

Located between Swindon and Cirencester, the Gloucestershire Rally School offers some of the most authentic Rally Driving Experiences in the UK through the use of real rally cars, instructors with National and International rally competition experience and a 100% gravel rally track which lends itself to stacks of sideways driving fun!

With courses starting from just £15 and accommodating petrol heads aged just 10 years and above, the rally school delivers fantastic value for money, exhilarating experiences, a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to really push your driving limits and put your PlayStation dreams into reality!

We offer 12 month Gift Vouchers for all of our courses which make superb Birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones and our group bookings offer the ultimate Stag/Hen party or company day out!

Established in 1994, we set the bench mark in the industry and have enjoyed continued, repeated business through recommendation, demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering what consumers want and expect.

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Adult Full Day Rally Experience with Gloucestershire Rally School

£285 per person (inc. VAT).  Discounts available for groups of 6 or more drivers.
The perfect driving experience for those who want to take their driving to the next level whilst having the time of their life!  The full day rally experience occupies 6 hours follows the same format as our intense half day course for the morning.  You will have a dedicated instructor for the duration of your course, with whom you will build a rapport with and develop an understanding as to what you want to achieve from your time at the rally school.  Your instructor will be assessing your strengths and your weaknesses in an attempt to help you reach your driving limits!  The afternoon is flexible in that it is up to you and your instructor as to what you want to do – you can either focus on mastering a particular skill, perhaps the handbrake turn, the Flick or using oversteer to eliminate the majority of movement on the steering wheel or you can set a number of stage times to see how your times are improving throughout the course.  We quite often find that drivers on this course enjoy setting a number of stage times whilst trying different techniques to see how they affect the times.  Whilst the emphasis is still on having a fantastically fun day out, the full day experiences enables drivers more freedom to experiment with different driving techniques and to push themselves to the limits!  At the end of the course, your instructor jumps in the drivers seat and takes you out for an awesome passenger ride to show you just how late you can brake on gravel and just how fast you can throw the car around...  the stage times will be compared to see who has set the fastest stage times and then you will receive a copy of your times and your instructor’s assessment of your time at the Rally School.  Participants on this course must hold a full UK driving licence, be over 5’0”,  be under 6’4” and under 20 stone.

Adult Half Day Rally Experience with Gloucestershire Rally School

£164 per person (inc. VAT).  Discounts available for groups of 6 or more drivers.
The ultimate adrenaline rush!  This course is 2.5-3 hours in duration and delivers an exhilarating introduction into the most demanding form of motorsport.  Your course will begin with a safety briefing covering the basics of the techniques which will be taught and then it’s straight into the DRIVER’S seat – no demo lap in order to maximise your driving time.  Your first 2 sessions are practice and tuition sessions where your highly experienced instructors will be encouraging you to do things that you never thought were possible such as chucking the car into a corner sideways and then nailing the throttle!  Yes, that’s right, the THROTTLE!  Once your tuition sessions are complete, you will have the chance to put your newly found rally skills into practice and compete against the stop watch as we do on real rallies.  You will pull up to the start line of our 100% gravel rally track.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!  You will have 2 individual timed stages which will really get the adrenaline pumping as you brake later and accelerate harder to try and become the driver of the day.  Once all of your driving is complete, your instructor has his chance to get his own back – if you’ve scred him during the course, he’ll certainly return the favour with an infamous White Knuckle Rally Passenger Ride!  You will be amazed at the angles the car is travelling at as you hurtle towards the hairpin bend and then hold on tight as he takes the S bends flat out....  At the very end the stage times are compiled and the Driver of the Day announced.  All driver receive a copy of their stage times and assessment sheet.  Participants on this course must hold a full UK driving licence, be over 5’0”,  be under 6’4” and under 20 stone.

Junior Rally Experience with Gloucestershire Rally School

£125 per person (inc. VAT).  Discounts available for groups of 6 or more drivers.
The ideal experience for bored kids in the school holiday or 16 year olds who are itching to get behind the wheel of a car.  The junior rally experience is 2 hours and presents the ultimate opportunity for kids to either learn the basics of driving in a safe, controlled environment if they have never driven before or to learn more advanced car control skills in a suitable setting if they already know the basics of how to drive a car.  The junior rally experience starts with an assessment of each driver individually and then based on their level of driving experience, their tuition is tailor made accordingly.  Kids with no previous driving experience are taught clutch control, steering and braking on a loose surface and general car balance.  Kids who have done some driving before are encouraged to gather some speed and attempt some basic rally techniques such as handbrake turns and power slides!  It never fails to amaze us that even kids who have never driven a car before, are driving very competently by the end of this course!  After several driving sessions on our 100% gravel track, the kids have the opportunity to go out for a exhilarating passenger ride with their instructor who will push the car to the limits and bring the PlayStation games to reality.  All drivers receive a copy of their assessment sheet at the end of the course.  For safety reasons, all Junior Rally cars are fitted with dual controls and an engine cut out switch operated by the instructor.  Participants on this course must be 10 years or above, be over 4’10”, be under 6’4” and under 20 stone.

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Gloucestershire Rally School
Down Ampney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 5QF

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